The Bambisanani Partnership says Thank You to The Rotary Club of Aireborough

The Bambisanani team are delighted to present The Rotary Club of Aireborough with our 'landmark' book Bambisanani: Ten years of Working Together and Learning Together.

Photo: Janet Kerr, Ewan Copsey, Charlotte Wood, Heather Read (President of Aireborough Rotary), Catherine Chattoe, Pauline Hall, Bill Hudson and Graham Davies.

On 28 November 2018, St. Mary's staff and students joined the members of Aireborough Rotary at Horsforth Golf Club where Ewan Copsey and Pauline Hall, Year 13 gave an enlightening account of their work in South Africa in June of this year.

The evening ended with the presentation of our new book as a way of saying thank you to The Rotary Club of Aireborough for being one of our first and most loyal supporters.