Bambisanani: Ten Years of Working Together and Learning Together (Hardback Book)

ISBN: 978-0-9927124-3-3

“The book was written to tell our story, a story that has gone from strength to strength despite enormous challenges. The ten year story acknowledges the remarkable achievements of Bambisanani team members in both the UK and South Africa, in particular those of the amazing young people of both communities. The book is testimony to the power of sport to change lives and to what can be achieved when two communities from different sides of the world commit to working together in a genuine partnership. A major aim of the book is to encourage other schools, colleges and universities to get involved in similar work.”
— David Geldart, Author

  • Foreword by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

  • Two years in the making

  • Published on Friday 8 December 2017

  • 100,000 words

  • 296 pages

  • 628 photographs

  • A limited number of first edition hard copies are available at £50 with ALL proceeds going to support the partnership. Please contact Mrs Chattoe at St.Mary's Menston

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“The Bambisanani book is wonderful and an excellent tribute to the long term partnership which continues to flourish and thrive with two great places of teaching and learning involved...I’ll share it with others as we want many many more schools to follow your great lead and get involved with connecting their own classrooms and opening up their schools and professional development globally for mutually powerful learning.”
— John Rolfe, The British Council

“...the book clearly illustrates through inspirational stories and photographs, that the Bambisanani Partnership is all about life – and changing lives for the better.

For readers who need a motivational reminder of why they are involved in physical education and sport, often in a climate of negativity or marginalisation, the book is powerful boost.

...the book is full of practical examples that any school could adapt to suit its own domestic or international aims.

For teachers keen to persuade senior leaders to use sport as a vehicle for wider learning, the book is an advocate’s dream!

Have a look at this book. It will remind you why you wanted to work in physical education and sport. Above all, it will inspire you to use sport to make a difference to the world. “
— Carol Hawman, The Association of Physical Education

“This book is awesome!”
— Baroness Sue Campbell