Bambisanani Enterprises

Bambisanani Enterprises is a student led business with branches at both St. Mary's School and Mnyakanya School. Its purpose is to raise funds for the Bambisanani Partnership and to engage students from both countries in developing business and enterprise skills. The operation has been highly successful in both countries.

The enterprise is open to all students in both schools. Student volunteers have raised significant funding through a wide range of activities including importing Fairtrade Zulu crafts and selling them at a variety of venues, organising music concerts and sponsored sporting events. Students are continually developing new aspects of the business.

The board members, who represent different year groups, have been mentored by a number of Bambisanani Business supporters in both countries including:

  • Andrew Smithurst, Managing Director of Cardinal Maritime

  • Kevin Emsey, Chariman of Lupton Fawcett

  • Richard and Graham Chennells, South African Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

“The board members of Bambisanani Enterprises and other volunteers are gaining real life experiences of the business world. They are involved in key aspects of business and are clearly learning important transferable skills in the process. They are serious about what they do and have real purpose. They are very impressive young people who are making a difference.”
— Andrew Smithurst, Managing Director of Cardinal Maritime
Bambisanani Enteprises

Bambisanani Enteprises

“Bambisanani Enterprises is an exciting venture. I have learned so much about different aspects of business and about working in a team. It is really good working with students from different year groups.”
— St. Mary's pupil
“I am proud to be a Board Member of Bambisanani Enterprises; I know that I am helping to make a difference.”
— St. Mary's pupil
“Bambisanani Enterprises is in the real world, we are in business – it is not easy. Many big companies in the UK make a loss but we have made a profit every year.”
— St. Mary's pupil
“I am proud to be a member of Bambisanani Enterprises, South African branch. I have learned so many things that will help me be a businessman one day.”
— Mnyakanya pupil