Bambisanani Partnership Privacy Notice

Last updated: 13/12/2018

The purpose of this privacy notice is to explain how the Bambisanani Partnership uses your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and you can find out more here about how we gather and use your personal data – that includes the personal data we already hold about you now and any additional personal data we might collect about you, either directly from you or from a third party. We will always take into account your interests and rights when processing your personal data.

Who processes your personal information?

We collect information about you and we make decisions about how and why it is processed. This means we are defined as a ‘Data Controller’. You can contact us if you have any questions.

In some cases, some of your personal data could be processed by a third party ‘data processor’, such as the Government (this means that they handle your information on our behalf). This will only be done with your consent, unless the law requires us to share your data. When someone else processes your data for us, we make sure they are also handling it lawfully.

Why do we collect and use your information?

We sometimes have to collect and use some of your personal data. We process it in order to obey laws such as child protection, safeguarding and welfare. We may also have a legitimate reason for processing your personal data, such as to inform you of news and events.

These are reasons why we use your personal data:

  • The promotion of the work of the Bambisanani Partnership

  • Safeguarding

  • To support teaching and learning

  • To assess the impact of the Bambisanani Partnership

  • to comply with legislation and regulations

What data is collected and how

Much of the personal data we hold about you is provided by you. Personal data may be collected and provided from other sources such as St. Mary’s Menston, The University of Leeds and Leeds Trinity University.

The categories of personal data we process include:

  • Personal – eg names, date of birth

  • Contact information – eg addresses and contact details and emergency contact details

  • Health and medical information – eg allergies, long-term conditions to assist with visits and fundraising activities

  • Information relating to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

  • Behavioural information – School or university records.

  • Financial information – for example information for Gift Aid and other sponsorship

  • Safeguarding information – eg concerns raised by a member of staff

How long is your personal data kept?

We do not store personal data indefinitely; most personal data is only stored for as long as is necessary to complete the task for which it was originally collected. Personal data is stored in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

Will your personal data be shared?

We control access to personal information, giving access only to people who need particular information to do their jobs, and only when they need it. We do not share information about you with anyone without consent, unless the law and our policies require or allow us to do so. We sometimes share information through a legal duty to do so, such as safeguarding and child protection information. 

We may share personal data with

  • The Bambisanani Partnership trustees

  • Third party IT providers.

  • Bambisanani volunteers

  • Media organisations (for publicity and promotional purposes only)

Your rights

You have various rights under Data Protection Law to access and understand the personal data we hold about you, and in some cases to ask for it to be erased or amended or for us to stop processing it. However, your rights are subject to certain exemptions and limitations.

If you would like to access your personal data, or ask us to amend it, or would like it to be transferred to another person or organisation, or have some other objection to how your personal data is used, please contact the Bambisanani Partnership. We will respond to any such written requests within one month. If this is not possible, we will write to you explaining why. There is ordinarily no charge for this. However, if the request is excessive or similar to previous requests, we may ask you to reconsider or charge a proportionate fee, but only where Data Protection Law allows it.

You should be aware that certain data is exempt from the right of access. This may include information which identifies other individuals, or information which is subject to legal privilege.

If you have a concern about how we are processing your personal data, please contact us. If you cannot resolve the issue in this way you can make a complaint to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office). You can telephone them on 0303 123 1113, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (excluding bank holidays) or visit

More information about your rights can be found at

Sending data outside the UK

We may need to send some of your personal data to countries which do not have the same level of protection for personal information as the UK. For example, we may store your personal data on cloud computer storage based overseas. The European Commission has produced a list of countries which have adequate data protection rules. The list can be found here:

We will only transfer your personal information to a country which the EU Commission has decided ensures an adequate level of protection for your personal information, or where we have put in place our own measures to ensure adequate security as required by data protection law. These measures include ensuring that your personal information is kept safe by carrying out checks on our partners and suppliers.

When we use third party service providers, we disclose only the personal information that is necessary to deliver the service, and we have a contract in place that requires them to keep your information secure.

Trustees Agenda Item

When the Bambisanani Partnership trustees meet, GDPR and privacy is a standing agenda item.


Please contact us if you have any questions:

Mrs C Chattoe
Bambisanani Partnership Co-ordinator, St. Mary's Menston

Telephone: 01943 883000


St. Mary’s Menston
Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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