June 2015 South Africa Visit

Read Andy Lockwood's wonderful blog, hear about the visit in our pupils' own words and a gallery of photos.

South Africa Visit June 2015

Andy Lockwood's Blog

A great part of this year's visit has been Andy Lockwood's blog andyinafrica.co.uk which has enthralled Bambisanani supporters with daily updates from South Africa.

One of many fantastic posts brought us the thoughts of the St. Mary's pupils during the visit:

Tom Brady – “The enthusiasm which students bring to the school each day, despite the circumstances in which they are forced to live, is an inspiration and an attitude I will look to take with me.”

Lucy Tindale – “It is clear that the people here make the most of every opportunity, despite the lack of appropriate resources. This is shown by their excitement to participate on the school’s sport field – which is covered in glass.”

Dominique Cunningham – “The maturity and commitment shown by the people we have worked with so far is inspiring, the partnership has shown me just what can be achieved when we all work together.”

Mairenn Collins – “I’m sorry: I would try to put something into words but I can’t – words wouldn’t do justice to how this place and these people have affected me.”

Rebecca Still – “I have made friends with people I never thought I would- African and English alike. I knew this trip would change me but I could never have guessed how much, from having new Zulu style dance moves to having more confidence in myself being with unknown people and in a completely new environment, I have grown from being in this country and with such inspiring people.”

Joe Copsey – “It’s incredible the impact one small act of kindness can have on the South African students. Something as simple as giving a bracelet can make them smile from ear to ear. It really puts things into perspective.”

Will Giles – “From meeting the students for the first time to see them becoming such great leaders, and forming profound and long lasting friendships, is something I am honoured to say I have been a part of.”

Niall Hogan – “I can’t believe I have been given an opportunity such as this. The happiness all the students exude shows me just how much they value the partnership. I am honoured to say I am a part of the Bambisanani project.”

Elliot Mulligan - “The perseverance of the students to learn under difficult circumstances is truly inspiring. What hit home the most was the fact that they carry 1 small cloth with them at all times, using 1 side to clean their face and the other to clean their shoes. This dedication should inspire us all.”

Mitchell Lofthouse - “Having experienced the dedication of the students to succeed and do well, I am truly inspired by the work that they do. I believe we need to be more appreciative of all we have at home and take less for granted.”

Andy Lockwood's Photos

Andy Lockwood's Fantastic Photos [FLICKR.COM]

Bambisanani Tweets

Thanks to Mr Wilkes and Mrs Chattoe, there have also been many tweets on our Bambisanani Partnership Twitter account.

The tweets generated a surge of Bambisanani Twitter interest 1100% greater than ever before!

We will add photos and more from the 2015 visit on this website over the summer. Look forward to it!