Chance to see the Singing Children of Africa perform

An Educate the Kids charity concert of The Singing Children of Africa takes place in Bradford on 12 June 2015. This special event will be held at The University of Bradford in the Great Hall, Richmond Building. 

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There is also an additional invitation to another slightly different even with the choir, An Evening With The Singing Children Of Africa to be held on Sunday 14 June at 6.30pm at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Wheatlands Crescent, Heaton, Bradford, BD9 5JP. This will not only feature music by the children but also talks from some of the choir members, teachers, and sponsors, about their experience of life in Kenya and how Educate The Kids has changed this.

The Singing Children of Africa have toured the UK previously to great success and raised enough money to build new classrooms and an orphanage that houses 14 children. The main purpose of this tour besides fundraising is to promote educational sponsorship. 100% of sponsorship goes directly to the school and the children's education. The charity is run by volunteers as we have no paid staff here in the UK. The funds raised are to be split between a university/college fund and a new water campaign (Every Drop Is Precious) as we have wells and pumps that are in urgent need of repair and there is a need to dig new wells in the village.

The children, aged between eight and twelve years old, are from a small village in the outskirts of Mombasa called Utange. They are some of the poorest children in the area and this will be their first experience outside of their tiny village.