Gaelic Football on St. Patrick's Day 2015

Gaelic Footballers at St. Mary's Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Charity Match for South Africa

Gaelic Football on St. Patrick's Day 2015 (90 photos)


Year 11 students at St. Mary’s, Menston celebrated St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday 17 March 2015) with a Gaelic Football match in aid of the school’s work in South Africa, known as the Bambisanani Partnership.  For the past nine years, the Partnership has used sport to promote education, health, global citizenship and leadership in one of South Africa’s poorest rural communities.

The two teams were organised by students Ryan Smith and Shae Stringwell with Shae’s team eventually running out 17-9 winners.  Shae was pleased with the win but also with the occasion.

Congratulations to all the following players for their participation and fundraising:

  • Kit Donnelly
  • George Vanner
  • Ryan Smith
  • Ben Hings
  • Stan Fleming
  • Matthew Farmer
  • Joe Smith
  • Ben Tinson
  • Mingzhe Feng
  • Seb McCormick
  • Danny Inman
  • Shae Stringwell
  • Benji Marshall
  • Joe Kehoe
  • Luke Hourigan
  • Lewis Potter
  • Alex Noonan
  • Jamie Styles
  • Harry Henderson
  • Jonny Cracknell
  • Ray Ostrowski
  • Matty Iliff
  • Rory Mullan Wilkinson

“It was a really hard game and the spectators got a good insight into this great game. To raise money for our school’s work in South Africa on St. Patrick’s Day was really special for us.”
— Shae Stringwell

“It really was a great occasion and an excellent way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The game was played in a fantastic spirit with good skills and good sportsmanship being demonstrated.”
— Ryan Smith

“We love playing Gaelic Football in our PE lessons. It combines so many skills from different games and is great for fitness. We would certainly like to see more people playing the game both inside and outside of school. I am hoping to go to South Africa next year so I really appreciate all the fundraising that has taken place which will purchase much needed equipment in our partner school.”
— Ben Hings, one of Ryan's team mates

“An inspiring day for so many people, particularly for those with Irish families.”
— Benji Marshall

“The school has a rich Irish heritage and it was wonderful to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in such a positive and proactive way. The students are a credit to the school in so many ways. My thanks go to all those who played in and supported this special event.”
— David Geldart, Founder of the Bambisanani Partnership and St. Mary's Menston Assistant Headteacher