Simphiwe's Teaching Dream

Congratulations to Simphiwe Ndlovu who is on his way to becoming the first ‘Bambisanani Teacher’

Simphiwe was supported by the Bambisanani Partnership whilst a student at Mnyakanya High School. On successfully completing the Bambisanani Leadership Award in 2011, delivered by St. Mary’s students, Simphiwe decided that he wanted to become a teacher in order to serve his community.  After three exceptionally hard years of study with few resources, he gained a place at University to begin a teacher training programme.  St. Mary’s and the Bambisanani Partnership, together with friends in South Africa, are helping to support Simphiwe in his next three years at University.

“I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I completed the Bambisanani Leadership Programme. I was really motivated to succeed in my studies at school to gain entry to University. To become a Teacher is my dream. With this financial support I can now put all my efforts into studying rather than worrying about whether I can afford to take up the place. I want to be one of those good teachers that the world needs. God has showered me with blessings which includes Mnyakanya, St. Mary’s and the Bambisanani Partnership.”
— Simphiwe Ndlovu

“Simphiwe is an inspiration. He has faced enormous challenges all his life and despite the odds being stacked against him, he always comes through. His determination, persistence and positivity enable him to consistently achieve his goals. Simphiwe is a fantastic role model to students at both Mnyakanya and St. Mary’s. We wish him well and look forward to him qualifying as a teacher; the profession needs people like Simphiwe. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the St. Mary’s community and my friends in South Africa for supporting Simphiwe; I believe that it will be a wonderful investment in education.”
— David Geldart, founder of the Bambisanani Partnership