Our Purpose

Vision: Daring to Dream

To develop an equitable, sustainable and effective partnership that allows our schools to work together and learn together for the mutual benefit of both communities and beyond.


  • To develop empathy, trust and respect for others through collaborative activities, celebrating cultural variety and richness
  • To use sport to promote education, health, global understanding and leadership
  • To embed the concept of Global Citizenship and the importance of international links within whole school development planning and pedagogy


  • To introduce and develop sport and physical education at Mnyakanya School
  • To develop leadership courses and leadership opportunities for students
  • To develop training opportunities for teachers and other adults
  • To explore own and each other’s cultural heritage and experiences,
  • widening knowledge and understanding and raising self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To create opportunities for orphans to attend Mnyakanya School
  • To establish an annual visit of staff and students to both schools
  • To establish School Councils to develop a ‘student voice’ within the schools
  • To engage in social enterprise activities to fund and support the work of the partnership
  • To seek sponsorship from organisations and businesses to fund the
  • work of the partnership
  • To support Sports Assistants to deliver the School Sport Mass Participation Programme (SA)
  • To explore opportunities to develop other curricular areas
  • To work with external agencies and local decision makers to develop the partnership
  • To raise awareness of the partnership’s work through the media (including online)