Bambisanani Chairman praises Leeds Trinity University at book presentation

Bambisanani Chairman, David Geldart, recently visited Leeds Trinity University to present a copy of the partnership's latest book Bambisanani: Ten Years of Working Together and Learning together


Leeds Trinity University has been involved with the Bambisanani Partnership for the past three years with Senior Lecturer, Diane Maguire being a Founding Trustee of the St. Mary’s based charity.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret House OBE said “We are delighted that Leeds Trinity University is working with the Bambisanani Partnership. It is an exciting international volunteering opportunity for our students which makes a huge difference to the lives of children and young people in South Africa.” 

David Geldart said “Leeds Trinity University is a key member of the Bambisanani Partnership and has played a fundamental role in developing the work of the charity in one of South Africa’s most deprived areas. This involvement reflects Leeds Trinity’s vision and values of commitment to social justice and providing world class opportunities for students and staff. Indicative of this is the personal commitment to the partnership demonstrated by the Vice-Chancellor Professor House and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Lloyd. It was a great pleasure not only to present Margaret and Ray with a copy of our latest book for the university but also to discuss, at length, development opportunities for the future which will students and staff engaging in work in South Africa.”


Seven students from the university are currently fundraising to raise money for their trip to South Africa in June to develop the work of the Bambisanani Partnership. The students, Oorjitha Prem, Daniel Lawrence, Katherine Skelton, Hannah Page, Harriet Mackinney, Beth Ward and Amy James will join lectures Chris Rowley and Nicola Arjomandkhah who have coordinated the visit.

David Geldart added “The commitment of the university to the partnership is exceptional. What is particularly interesting and indicative of this is that the experience in South Africa will form part of the students’ degrees. It is wonderful working with an organisation that is prepared to put its values into action.”