Author and Designer praise publishers Prime Group as new Bambisanani book gains international acclaim


David Geldart, author of the latest Bambisanani book 'Bambisanani: Ten Years of Working Together and Learning Together' has praised the support of the Prime Group who printed and produced the book.

"The latest Bambisanani book has gained international acclaim and this is no small part to the Prime Group who physically produced it and who were exceptional to work with in every regard. I could not recommend them highly enough for any aspect of printing. They are great supporters of our charity and are an absolute pleasure to work with."

The book's designer, Duncan Baines also praised the Prime Group: "Producing a finished product that both the author and designer are happy with is far from easy. The team at Prime were so helpful and professional at every stage of the project. Above and beyond this they are genuinely interested in the work of the Bambisanani Partnership. I can recommend them unreservedly to other organisations."

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