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Photo: St. Mary's Pupils visited Zulufadder Orphange, June 2016

Photo: St. Mary's Pupils visited Zulufadder Orphange, June 2016

"Help us give quality education to more children in Zululand, South Africa. We are building a hostel to house 50 children so that they can fulfil their dreams."

Sipho's story

4°C is cold. 12 years old Sipho slips out from the thin blanket on the mud floor that he shares with his three younger siblings. He washes his face with icy water from an old bucket and puts on his only school uniform. There's no food in the hut that is home to the children and their grandmother. His parents have long since succumbed to HIV and AIDS. Sipho puts on his worn school shoes, picks up his threadbare school bag, and sets out on the 4 kilometre walk to school. He's a good student but it's hard to concentrate on an empty stomach.

How YOU can help

Without accommodation Zulufadder cannot help these children, so the heart of our school, Gratton school, is the boarding facility where children can stay during the week after being bused in from the rural areas.

Together with you and our partner The Bambisanani Partnership (St. Mary’s Menston) we can provide a new boarding house for 50 disadvantaged children so that they can realise their dreams.