Bambisanani Album Announcement

The Bambisanani Partnership is always looking at excellent ways to collaborate within our two wonderful schools, St. Mary's Menston and Mnyakanya High School. In 2016 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the partnership and we plan to celebrate it with something big.

Next year will see the release of a Bambisanani Partnership Album, and this creates great opportunities for students of St. Mary’s.
— Mr Dobson and Mr Davis


The album will feature 12 originals tracks:

  • 4 composed by students of St Mary’s
  • 4 composed by students of Mnyakanya High School
  • 4 collaborative compositions between both schools.

The album will be professionally produced/mastered with copies being manufactured to sell and raise some vital funds for the Bambisanani Partnership. The album will also be added to iTunes, available to purchase worldwide as well as on Spotify.


On Monday June 8 and Tuesday June 9 at lunchtime, we will be holding auditions in school for students to showcase their own compositions, either as a solo or composed in a group, with the chance to win a place on this album. You will work closely with the music department to produce your song to a professional standard.


In addition to a competition to have your composition feature on the album, there will be a competition running in parallel to name the album.


There will be a meeting in H3, Wednesday 20 May, to provide further details of this exciting opportunity (both competitions).