Bambisanani Partnership Christmas Message 2013

Christmas message from the Mnyakanya community in South Africa to the St. Mary's community

CHRISTMAS : The good and special time has arrived, the time for relief and friendship.

This is the time when we at the Mnyakanya high school community, would like to wish everyone at St. Mary's a prosperous festive season and MERRY CHRISTMAS. This is a special note for us to share feelings of thoughts and remembrance of our fellow friends and partners. It has been a wonderful experience to work with such a well- informed institution like St Mary's.

This time of the year is characterised by peace, love and understanding. We have tried to understand each other, love each other like brothers and sisters.

The concept of UBUNTU teaches us reprocity in our life. It teaches us to share; sharing our cultures with St Mary's over the years has advanced our understanding of human race. We hope that our partnership will be sustained for ever as we will be making history for the future generation.

Quoting from the words of South African President Honourable Mr Jacob Zuma “WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE.” yes indeed working together is the only way to achieve more goals.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS FESTIVE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!