Bambisanani Partnership develops computer skills in South Africa

The Bambisanani Partnership has recently provided twelve hours of training for teachers to be able to use tablets to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum at Mnyakanya High School. 

The computer giant Intel contributed to the training costs and next week thirty more tablets, provided by the Bambisanani Partnership, will arrive at the school for students to use in lessons.

Mrs Pk Zondi at Mnyakanya School said “The two days of training was excellent and the teachers participated enthusiastically – it opened another page in our minds. It was easier than we thought and we are now confident to use the devices with our learners who are very excited at this new opportunity. We thank the Bambisanani Partnership for making this possible”

Mr Tony Moodley, Chief Education Specialist for the Department of Education in KwaZulu-Natal added “I would like to thank all involved with the Bambisanani Partnership for pursuing this project. The training has been a great success and we hope that this will now be a springboard to fully utilize digital technology in the teaching and learning process.”

Chairman of the Bambisanani Partnership, David Geldart said “This initial training and the tablets are a starting point for us. More training and hardware will hopefully follow but our goal is to establish full internet connectivity at Mnyakanya. We have made the all-important first step and look forward to even more significant developments in this area in the year ahead.”

“All our staff members received training on how to use tablets in the classroom situation and to link them with different subject content. We also received 31 tablets, charging trolley and cap device. We as Mnyakanya High are so grateful with the donation and promise to take good care of it for future use. Hopefully, our children will benefit a lot from this project and it will change their lives too.
We as staff members in conjunction with the Board of Governors wish to express our sincere appreciation and thank all the funders of the project, the people who made it possible for us. They have laid a foundation for better, brighter and promising future for our learners.
May God bless you all.”
— William Vilakazi, Principal of Mnyakanya High School