Our Funding Priority Areas

Last updated: 07/03/2019

 Fundraising is ongoing by both schools to support specific development strands.

The aim is to raise £100,000 per annum in order to:

  • Support orphans into Mnyakanya School

  • Develop joint curriculum projects

  • Develop ICT facilities including internet connection at Mnyakanya School

  • Develop Leadership Programmes

  • Provide additional resources for Mnyakanya School

  • Support exchange visits for students and teachers

  • Develop the infrastructure of Mnyakanya School

  • To create at sports pitch at Mnyakanya School to serve both the school and the wider community

The Bambisanani Partnership needs to raise significant amounts of money to fund particular development strands from specific fundraising events, enterprise activities and from donations from individuals, community groups and companies.

Key partners in South Africa to achieve the above will be the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education, Department of Sport and Recreation, local Municipality, local and national charities and the British Council.

“Yes, our work requires funding but our work is not about charity; it is more important than that. It is about two communities from different parts of the world working together and learning together.

My view on charitable giving is always that ‘it is better to give a rod than a fish’. Indeed, a guiding principle of the Bambisanani Partnership is about building capacity and creating a legacy in both communities. Our focus on the education of young people and developing young leaders of the future is a good example of this. Increasingly the Bambisanani Partnership will not fully fund any development but rather seek to ‘lever’ a proportion of the required funding from other parties in South Africa, thus creating additionality and local ownership. If we funded 100% of all our projects it would ultimately be self-defeating, patronising and encourage dependency. We want all our investments to make a difference long term.”
— David Geldart, founder of The Bambisanani Partnership